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I'm Chicago Personal Injury Lawyer Jim Morici. Today I want to talk to you about tears of the ACL and grafting surgery that orthopedic surgeon will often choose for their patients. Why from other videos that the ACL is that anterior cruciate ligament, the front crossing ligament and the inside of the knee between the thigh bone and the shin. When that ligament is completely torn as we see in this depiction often time orthopedic surgeon will not be able to reconnect the fibers and will have to basically replace it. What they'll d is they'll actually trim it off at the femur and at the tibia and then replace it with either a cadaver ligament or a synthetic ligament which will be attached to those bones. Let's take a look over here. This is an ACL graft and we can see how it's being attached in that same kind of crossing position. What the orthopedic surgeon is doing in surgery sometimes through the arthroscope but usually in an open surgery is they're tapping and screwing one end of the graft into the thigh bone and the other end of the graft down into the tibial plateau or the top of the shin bone. The hope is that that anterior cruciate ligament graft will replace the function of the natural anterior cruciate ligament. If you've been hurt in a car accident, on a construction site, or in a fall please call Morici, Figlioli & Associates; we're here to help.

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I'm Chicago Personal Injury Lawyer Jim Morici. Today I want to talk to you about tears of ...

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