The Disparity In Chairs

Atmosphere Interiors on Curb Your Enthusiasm

Have you ever been sitting on a piece of furniture in a home, or in a professional setting, and the furniture you are sitting on hasn’t exactly been placed there with your comfort in mind? Larry David certainly has, in Curb Your Enthusiasm’s fourth episode of season nine, Larry David is forced to sit in his therapist’s uncomfortable patient chair. Having a few words about it, he realizes the difference in comfort between his therapist’s chair and his own patient chair. In doing so he offers to take him shopping for a new chair, ending up at Atmosphere Interiors where they seem to find the best possible chair to relieve the patient and the therapist of the chair disparity.

“Have you ever noticed the disparity in these two chairs? Your chair is so much better than this one, this is not a comfortable chair at all. Did you buy these chairs...what was going through your head when you picked out this chair? You picked out a great chair for yourself, that’s a gorgeous chair, I would have that in my house, but this one is not comfortable. I’m constantly shifting from side to side. You have the comfortable chair, you have taken the good chair.” – Curb Your Enthusiasm

You Can Have the Comfortable Chair Too

The show does present a bit of a ridiculous dilemma for the characters, but it does raise an important point: shouldn’t your guests have something just as good to sit on as you do in your home or office? At atmosphere interiors our main goal is to ensure your interior design dreams come true in an interesting and comfortable way. There is no disparity in the furniture we offer, you will always get top quality furniture that will impress anyone that comes into your home or office. For cutting edge furniture choices from an experienced interior designer contact us today.

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